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Galileo Technic


$88 p/mo

75 minutes per lessons
Bi-weekly lessons
Up to 35 lessons per year



Galileo Technic Curriculum

The Galileo Technic curriculum, a mechanical system from a real engineer’s point of view, is a continuation of the introductory level of Math, Physics, and engineering provided in the Bricks Challenge program.

Students will further learn new engineering terms and principles in the Galileo Technic program. Similarly, said program concentrates on engineering mechanisms such as multi-channel transmission systems, mechanical coordination, the movement of a body on a rotational axis, the center of gravity and the fulcrum, different ratchet implementations, energy depletion, recycling, limited transmission belt implementations, and a lot more. Galileo Technic Objectives

  • Encourage independent and creative thinking

  • Develop the ability to analyze engineering processes

  • Acquire engineering implementation skills

  • Expand problem-solving skills

  • Provide general knowledge of laws of physics and various natural phenomena

  • Progress sense of self-efficacy and time management

  • Improve communication and interpersonal skills

  • Boost team-building abilities

Watch 10 models from the Galileo Technic program in action below!


Ashley Amerson

Ashley Amerson

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