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CONTENTS of Mindful STEM Camp

We combine education and entertainment to make learning fun! Through building various machines, children learn theories  related to science, technology engineering and mathematics (STEM). Objectives include encouraging independent creative thinking, broadening knowledge of laws of physics, and expanding interpersonal communication skills. Instructor will use mainly English during the STEM activities, Japanese will be used only if necessary. 

Each day, kids will build different machines. The morning and afternoon are different machines, and each morning and afternoon will be different than the day before. These are also different than any machines we build at our afterschool programs or special events on weekends. These are exclusive to the day camp.

Mindfulness Training

Through mindfulness training techniques such as qi gong, yoga, meditation, and self affirmations, kids learn enhanced concentration, confidence, emotional stability, and more. By learning holistic practices to control the mind, which they can continue practicing at home, they improve self control, situational awareness, & the ability to move through challenges gracefully. Instructor will use mainly English during the mindfulness activities, Japanese will be used only if necessary. 

The mindfulness training will involve similar practices each morning and afternoon. This will benefit the kids who attend multiple morning and afternoons the most, because techniques such as qi gong, self-affirmations, and yoga are meant to be practiced routinely in order to see results. 


Kids will eat lunch at a buffet restaurant inside the hotel. Please inform us of any allergies or any other dietary concerns. Parents are welcomed to join their children for lunch by paying the adult fee (2,280 yen) at the buffet cashier counter.


Rizzan Sea Park Hotel is a massive beachfront resort featuring various amenities such as indoor and outdoor play centers, arts & craft workshops, indoor/outdoor swimming pools, beach & marine activities, spa/massage/relaxation facilities, cafe/lounge/restaurants/bars, retail shops & boutiques, and live music & dance performances. While the kids enjoy mindful STEM camp, the rest of your family can enjoy everything else that the resort has to offer!


Payments can be made by credit card or bank transfer from local or overseas banks.  

Payment is not requested until we confirm the availability of your reservation request. 

Full Day 9:00 to 17:00 

*Lunch buffet is included

1 full day = 12,000 yen

2 full days = 22,000 yen

3 full days = 32,000 yen

Half Day

Morning 9:00 to 13:00 

OR Afternoon 13:00 to 17:00

*Lunch buffet is for Morning participants 

1 half day = 7,000 yen

2 half days = 12,000 yen

3 half days = 18,000 yen


Discounts available!

Register siblings and receive 15% off the total price!


Program Start

8:30 ~ 9:00  Arrivals (friendship building / free play)


9:00 ~  Group Activity [Mindfulness Training] (15 min)

9:15 ~  Bricks Challenge [Robotic Engineering] (75min)

10:30 ~ Group Activity [Mindfulness Training] (15 min)

10:45 ~ Bricks Challenge [Robotic Engineering] (75min)

12:00 ~ Lunch (30min) 


12:30 ~ 13:00 friendship building / free play

*Afternoon Half Day participants arrive

*Morning Half Day participants depart

13:00 ~ Group Activity [Mindfulness Training] (15 min)

13:15 ~ Bricks Challenge [Robotic Engineering] (75min)

14:30 ~ Group Activity [Mindfulness Training] (15 min)

14:45 ~ Bricks Challenge [Robotic Engineering] (75min)

16:00 ~ free play (60 min) 

16:00 17:00 ~ (friendship building / free play)

End Program


(Program schedule is subject to changes)

Submit an application now and

include any questions you may have!

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