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In "Catapult Combat", children build real working catapults and use them in an exciting game of combat! Each child receives Lego soldiers as game pieces to arrange on a battlefield. During gameplay against each other, children naturally engage in concepts of physics and mechanics while also developing hand-eye coordination and having FUN!

After catapult combat, head outside and splash it out in the aqua fun zone with our inflatable waterslides, water guns, and water bombs! Parents can participate too! It's summertime, so beat the heat together in family friendly water play!


Group A - Saturday 6/24 (土)

[14:00 to 15:15] STEM Workshop

Aqua Fun Zone [15:15 to 16:15]

Group B - Sunday 6/25 (日)

[11:30 to 12:45] STEM Workshop

Aqua Fun Zone [12:45 to 13:45]

Group C - Sunday  6/25 (日)

[14:00 to 15:15] STEM Workshop

Aqua Fun Zone [15:15 to 16:15]


1 kid = 3,000 yen

2 kids = 5,000 yen 

3 kids = 7,500 yen 

4 kids = 9,500 yen 

(Discounts are intended for siblings of the same family only.)

(Tax is not included in the listed fees).

Aqua Fun Zone NOTICE

1) For safety reasons, waterslides max weight permitted per child is 45 kgs (100 lbs).
2) Usage time is 1 hour, immediately following the workshop.

Usage is free for participants.

3) Non-participant siblings aged 3 and up can enjoy

the waterslides for 1,000 yen per child.

4) Swimwear and towels are not provided.  

5) There are only restrooms, no locker rooms. 

6) In the case of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances,

waterslides may suddenly be removed without prior notice.

7) Items such as water guns, water canons, and water bombs

are provided in limited numbers

Reservations are required.

Arrival without a confirmed reservation may result in your very disappointed child.
Only 16 children will be accepted per slot, so apply today!


"Catapult Combat"


June 24 & 25th (Sat/Sun)

@ Miyazato, Uruma

(20 mins from American Village)

Due to a strict capacity, location address will be provided

only to applicants with a reservation confirmation. 

STEM SPLASH events feature workshops in S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), plus an added bonus of water play! e² Young Engineers  workshops are recommended for ages 3 to 15, with close parental guidance suggested for ages 3 to 6.

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