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Please READ ALL DETAILS below, then submit an application and write in any questions you may still have.

Tech the Halls!

For the upcoming holidays, we're excited to present fun and learning for the whole family, offering STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and French pastry baking worskhops! We're building a robotic Santa sleigh and reindeer, and baking gingerbread houses! You can choose one, or make it an all day event and participate in both! 

🗓 Date:

Saturday, December 23rd 2023 

STEM Workshops

[Children under 1st grade must have adult supervision]

Times: (10:00~12:00) / (12:30~14:30) / (15:00~17:00)

Baking Workshops
(All children must have parental supervision during the baking workshop)

Times: (10:00~12:30) / (13:30~16:00)

If you choose to do both workshops with times that overlap, we will guide your children to and from the STEM and baking workshops for you at the specified times. See details below and choose an Option that works best for your family!

Reservations are mandatory prior to the event date.

📍 Location: Urumin

1-8-1 Agena, Uruma City, Okinawa 904-2214

⚙️ Young Engineers 

STEM Activity 
(Not mandatory if you only want to join the baking workshop) 

Recognized for its excellence by the Harvard School of Education, this engaging STEM program will keep your little ones enthralled with exciting engineering challenges and creative problem-solving activities. After building the Santa sleigh and reindeer, use your own creativity to build anything you want!

STEM Fee: 

Child 1: 3,000 yen (about $20)

Siblings: 2,000 yen each (about $15)

Target age: 4 to 12 ( or K to 6th grade)

Maximum 16 kids accepted per session.

Ages 13yrs to adults participate FREE (alongside child under 13yrs old)

NOTE: Kids below 1st grade must have an adult guardian present at all times. 

rustic bake logo.jpeg
Yuko 2.jpeg

Rustic Bakehouse

Pastry Master Classes 

(Not mandatory if you only want to join the STEM workshop)


This is part of a series of hands-on baking classes led by the award-winning Yuko McCollum of Rustic Bakehouse. Yuko has received multiple awards from competitions judged by LA’s best chefs, journalists from LA Times, NY Times, as well as Jonathan Gold, famous American food critic. 


*(The above images are general example images only)

This time you'll make a creative and yummy gingerbread house! Some parts will be pre-made so you can focus lots of time on decorating it with delicious sweets! Pick up awesome skills to use for a lifetime, that you can also pass down to your children! 

No need to bring anything, as she will provide all the ingredients and tools you'll need. Just don't forget to wear your favorite apron and bring containers to carry home your goodies!  Each family will take home about a dozen treats that they’ve made!


Baking Workshop Fee: (per family):

Adults & children together: 7,500 yen (about $50)

NOTE:  We may pair solo participants to share one cooking station with another solo participant. However, each will receive their own ingredients and materials.

Participants registering as a couple or family/friends will be placed together at one station, sharing ingredients, materials, and making a dozen treats as a group. 

Gingerbread Candies-min.png

Below are 9 different options to consider.

Read carefully and choose the best plan for your family!

(All children must have parental supervision during the baking workshop)

(For STEM, only children under 1st grade must have parental supervision)

Option 1:  Baking (10:00~12:30) / STEM (12:30 to 14:30)

Parents and kids experience STEM for 2 hours together, then move to baking for 2.5 hours together.

Option 2: STEM (12:30~14:30) / Baking (13:30~16:00)

First, parents join their kids for only the first 1 hour of STEM, then parents do a baking workshop for a full 2.5 hours. (Kids experience STEM for a full 2 hours, joining parents for only the last 90 minutes of baking)

Option 3: Baking (13:30~16:00) / STEM (15:00~17:00)

First, parents do a baking workshop for a full 2.5 hours, then they join their kids for only the last 1 hour of STEM. (Kids join parents only the first 90 minutes of baking, then STEM for a full 2 hours, with parents joining them in STEM for the last hour) 


Option 4: STEM (10:00 to 12:00) / Baking (10:00~12:30)
Parents drop off their kids at STEM and proceed to do baking for 2.5 hours, with kids joining them for only the last 30 minutes.
(Kids experience STEM for a full 2 hours, joining parents for only the last 30 minutes of the baking)

Option 5: STEM only  (10:00~12:00) 

Option 6: STEM only  (12:30~14:30)

Option 7: STEM only  (15:00~17:00)
Option 8: Baking only (10:00~12:30)

Option 9: Baking only (13:30~16:00)

If you have any questions about the event, please submit the application below and
include your questions in the box provided at the end of the form. You are not required to make a payment when applying, nor are you expected to keep the reservation you apply for, and your questions will be answered in a timely manner. 

Submit an application now and

include any questions you may have!

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