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Is your child learning Japanese? The "Exciting Toy Making Challenge" is a monthly bilingual event to accommodate everyone's learning experience! Learn basics of Japanese while creating challenging projects! 

Assemble electric mini-machines, gain science and engineering knowledge, as well as enhance your Japanese skills. Participation in these events is an important step in a child's development on various levels, and adding in Japanese is just a bonus! Studies have shown that these activities improve children's creativity, concentration, and problem-solving skills.

Next session: June 5th, 2024

1st Wednesday of each month

(13:45 to 15:00) & (16:00 to 17:15)

The " Exciting Toy Making Challenge!" is held once a month. Only ¥3,000/month (plus tax) and you can join anytime, cancel anytime!


The club is held in 2 locations in Kin Town.

1. Mitsuba Kodomoen (13:45 to 15:00)
(Only kids who are enrolled at this school can participate)

(max. 8 students per event)

2. Mitsuba Music School (16:00 to 17:15)
487 Kin, Kunigami District, Okinawa 904-1201

Inside Kin Baptist Church - In front of Kin Elementary School

(Anyone age 5+ to 6th grade can participate, regardless of their school)

(max. 16 students per event)


We will re-confirm your child's participation date after your reservation has been completed.

Submit an application now and

include any questions you may have!

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