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Would you like your child to learn another language in a playful, yet challenging way? In this unique monthly event, we combine our popular Young Engineers activities with language learning!

If your child's native language is English, we will teach them useful Japanese words and phrases, while Japanese speakers learn English! This helps foster  multilingual interaction between all children participating,  and keeps the learning fun!

Assemble electric mini-machines, gain science and engineering knowledge, as well as enhance foreign language skills. Participation in these events is an important step in a child's development on various levels, and adding in another language is just a bonus! Studies have shown that these activities improve children's creativity, concentration, and problem-solving skills.

Next session: Wednesday, July 3rd, 2024

& every 1st Wednesday of each month

(13:45 to 15:00) & (16:00 to 17:15)

Parents are not required to be present. Please drop off your child at least 5 minutes before the start time. 

The "わくわく Toy Making Challenge!" is a subscription based event, billed at only ¥3,000/month (plus tax). Get 25% off when booking siblings! (Use the promo codes shown on the booking site)


If you are unable to attend any future event dates, your payment will be credited toward the next events. This means, you will not be charged until after you attend another event at no charge. You can also cancel your subscription anytime, and there are no fees incurred to cancel.

 2 locations in Kin Town

1. Mitsuba Kodomoen (13:45 to 15:00)
(Only kids who are enrolled at this school can participate)

(max. 8 students per event)

2. Mitsuba Music School (16:00 to 17:15)
487 Kin, Kunigami District, Okinawa 904-1201

Inside Kin Baptist Church - In front of Kin Elementary School

(Anyone age 5+ to 6th grade can participate, regardless of their school)

(max. 16 students per event)

Submit an application now and

include any questions you may have!

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