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Inspiring Futures Together

Edutainment experiences uniting youth and family


Edutainment experiences uniting youth and family

FunCrush Creative, LLC (est. 2023) is an "edutainment" company, providing education and entertainment as one. Our facility, FUNCRUSH CREATIVE STATION, is located in the heart of Kadena Town (Okinawa, Japan) and set to open Summer 2024. It is a hub of creative arts and special events that bring Okinawans and foreigners together.

FunCrush Creative 合同会社(2023年設立)は、教育とエンターテインメントを一体化して提供する「エデュテインメント」企業です。嘉手納町(沖縄県)の中心部に、2024年夏のオープンを目指す「FUNCRUSH CREATIVE STATION」を開設。沖縄県民と外国人を結びつけるクリエイティブ・アートと特別イベントの拠点です。

We offer S.T.E.A.M. programs, art & music workshops, language courses, cultural exchange activities, mindfulness training, and more. Through interactive learning and play, we build valuable cross-cultural relationships between youth and families.


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