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S.T.E.M. Pack
(16 kits in stock)

Bring the exciting world of S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) to your event and watch kids enjoy building motorized machines & gadgets!

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Step by step instructions are displayed on digital tablets, along with an instructor who guides the activities and assists each child to complete and customize their projects.

Kids build models and play competitive games using the models they build. Each activity averages about 60 minutes for build and play time. After the activity, kids have free time to create whatever they want!  


Up to 90 minutes of STEM fun!

You can book 1 activity from the list below to feature at your event!

  1. Catapult Combat

2 to 16 players each build their own catapult. They are separated into 2 teams. Each team launches small objects at their opponents soldier figures. The last man standing wins! 

2. Spinning Top Battle

2 to 16 players build their own customized spinning top and launcher that spins it automatically, then battle to see whose spins the longest, and whose is the strongest when they clash!

3. Rover Race

2 to 16 players each build a rover vehicle. Players customize the rovers, then line up and race them from point A to B.


4. Balloon Car Launch

2 to 16 players each build a Balloon Car. 

Players line up and launch the cars to see whose car travels the farthest length. 

5. Rotating Baskets 

2 to 16 players each build their own rotating baskets. They are separated into teams. Each team attempts to land objects into a rotating target.


20,000円 (up to 8 kids)

25,000円 (9 to 12 kids)

30,000円 (13 to 16 kids)

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