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Fill out a reservation




@ Rizzan Sea Park Hotel

Reservations in advance are highly recommended.

Reservations can be made on the same day of the workshop, or days in advance.

Participation fee: 3,000 yen  

(One building kit is provided for each reserved participant. Extra family members who just want to watch or assist can enter at no charge.)

Reserve 2 or more participants and receive 10% off!

Please note that our special events are family oriented introductions to the program and do not include the classroom style teaching format of our after-school lessons. 

Participants return all parts back into the kit at the end of the workshop. The kits are not taken home by participants. This is a learning experience, not an arts and crafts project. 

Participants have 90 minutes to create robot Lego machines. Over 75 machines to choose from! All machines feature an electric motor and real moving gears! 


Step by step instructions are provided on digital tablets, and an instructor assists to help complete projects. This workshop is not only fun, but it helps develop concentration, focus, and creativity.   

Build your own original projects! Or, as a group you can all build the same models and have a competition. Example competitions include custom car races, electric spinning top battles, and target practice using Lego weaponry!

Available dates & times may vary daily.

Please click to make a reservation in order view the current availability.

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