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STEMulation! Winter Day Camps

"STEMulation! Winter Day Camps" is designed for kids aged 5 to 12.  Drop them off for hands-on STEM building activities that keep them engaged and inspired all day!


We will have a minimum of 3 to 4 adult supervisors, with a maximum 16 children per session. Kids will build some of our most popular models, some brand new models, and engage in fun competitions! Each day features different models. 

Plus, we will equip your children with mindfulness training sessions to enhance their well-being in home and school. Also, instructors will speak English during all activities and Japanese will be used minimally, only when necessary. 

Pricing Information

The prices shown below are for 1 session / 1 day.

Participants can choose one day or multiple days, 
and can choose to book morning only, afternoon only, or the full day.

Multi-day participants can select
 different session times for each day.


Morning (8:00 to 12:00) / Fee: 7,500 yen 

[Book siblings and receive 25% discount] 


Afternoon (13:00 to 17:00) / Fee: 7,500 yen

[Book siblings and receive 25% discount] 


Full Day (8:00 to 17:00) / Fee: 13,000 yen

[Book siblings and receive 25% discount] 

Sales tax is added after calculating discounts.

We will calculate your total fees after receiving your application.

You are not required to make a payment when applying.


English For Kids exterior.png

Just 1 minute outside of Camp Courtney (Midorimachi, Uruma) is English For Kids School, where our camps will be held. Driving directions are here

Mindfulness Training

With short mindfulness training breaks that teach techniques in breathing, self-affirmations, and basic yoga poses, kids learn how to enhance their concentration and emotional balance. This also improves self control, situational awareness, & helps develop the ability to move through life's challenges gracefully. For a more in-depth description of mindfulness training examples for kids, please click here.

Program Schedule

​*Morning participants may enter after 8:00

8:00 ~ 8:30  Arrivals, friendship building (30 min)
8:30 ~ 10:00 Robotic Engineering (90min)
10:00 ~ 10:15 Mindfulness Training (15 min)
10:15 ~ 11:45 Robotic Engineering (90min)
11:45 ~ 12:00 Departure

*Morning participants must exit at 12:00
*Only "Full D
ay" participants may continue building & play freely

​*Afternoon participants may enter after 13:00

13:00 ~ 13:30  Arrivals, friendship building (30 min)
13:30 ~ 15:00 Robotic Engineering (90min)
15:00 ~ 15:15 Mindfulness Training (15 min)
15:15 ~ 16:45 Robotic Engin
eering (90min)
16:45 ~ 17:00 Departures

*All participants must exit at 17:00

Please note: Robotic Engineering projects change each session and each day. The projects built in the morning will be different from the afternoon, and different from the day before. Therefore, no child will repeat the same activity twice, regardless of how many sessions or days they attend.

ATTENTION: Unlike our spring and summer camps, lunch is not included in the winter camps. Please be sure to prepare drinks, snacks, and/or lunch for your child. Children are permitted to eat/drink freely anytime they choose during the day camp.

Submit an application now and

include any questions you may have!

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